How to make Nutella for ultrarunners

This note is inspired by a recipe how to make nutella for ultrarunners which threw me Kamil from eko-idea .


The objective is to create a healthy nutella, with no sugar and other filth which is a whole bunch in the original Nutella.


Kamil’s recipe is very simple – blend dates with carob (resp. with cocoa) and it’s ready. Because I’ve got the nature of the experimenter, I found that I’ll throw a few others ingredients-I missed there some saturated fats, something that will sit longer in my stomach.
And work out. After much experimentation in my home lab it came something beautiful, incredibly nutritious and very satiated.

In Cortina Anton Krupicka asked me – how to make nutella for ultrarunners – I gave him a bit of my nutella  before the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and he won!

You can also win your race – just eat nutella 🙂

Anton poleca mój przepis!
                                                                                Anton recomended my recipe for Nutella


1)Accordint to our tradition –  first point is to drink something good- today you I would recommend a good Merlot

Podkład pod nutellę :)
Somethink good before making a nutella 🙂

2) Prepare the ingredients:



3 cups of dates – they are carbohydrate base – will be responsible for the rapid provision of energy after eating  Nutella,

Baza węglowodanowa
Carbohydrate base


5/8 cup minced peanuts (may be nuts – like in the original Nutella) – they provide a small portion of saturated fats and calories that stare upon for longer. If you like nuts – give to even a whole glass!

minced peanuts


Half a cup of cocoa (or carob if  you have) – provides a lot of valuable components, and it’s responsible for the good taste 🙂



Now  – the most important component – the base of the fat-it gives the power for Nutella, it’s responsible for all of properties – coconut paste.


It is 100% made ​​of coconut, without any additives, preservatives, sugar and other crap.  My discovery of the year

pasta kokosowa
coconut paste


In summary – Nutella for ultrarunners  can be done with these few ingredients:

Wszystkie składniki
Whole ingredients


We need also:

-the blender,

-bowl of warm water,


3) we can begin to work;

First step

Weshould soak the dates and paste for about 15 minutes in warm water (warm is  between 50-60 Celsius degrees )


Dates soften and be liable to blending, coconut paste melts and will be more susceptible to processing.
In the original form coconut paste is quite hard and firm, because it’s quite a bit of coconut oil, which at normal temperature
is in solid form, but already at about 30 degrees – the oil is melted and pasta becomes soft and easy to work 🙂

After soaking dates look like that:

Daktyle po zmięknięciu
Spoiled dates

A spoiled coconut paste looks that :

pasta kokosowa
coconut paste


Now we go to the main part of our activities – mix all the ingredients – and pull the the blender for  about 5 minutes massacring a whole, if you see, that the blend is dry – you can add half a cup of water (or coconut milk).

premiks :)
premiks 🙂
gotowa nutella
Final nutella 🙂 


The final product can pack into a box and store in the fridge for suitable times 🙂

gotowa nutella


I recommend Nutella  as a lubricant for sandwiches, filling for pancakes or for other food applications !

Note – this is very sweet – because of dates and coconut paste.


And most importantly – it is delicious and gives incredible power!



Enjoy it!


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