How to make energy bar

Inspirated by the  Stąk Man note about  energy bar  I decided to create my own  version of the energy bar for ultrarunners and triathlonists 🙂
Maybe just some of you wondered how to make energy bars quickly and cheaply – I hope it’ll help you!


This energy bars is something very desirable, except that now is the best time to test different combinations – what works best for us.


 Note – everyone does at your own risk!! 🙂 



Step 1)  Ultra races last always very long – the same way ultra energy bars is produced quite a long time.
According to the tradition established during the making of peanut butter we have to start by opening a beer – to the ultra baton took effect should be a porter, today’s proposal is Żywiec BOCK (substitute porter ), which due to the challenge not I drink, but someone else in my company opened it to start the process of creating an ultra energy bar 🙂

This is the key point and without it you won’t learn how to make energy bars 🙂




Step 2) Prepare the ingredients of the energy bars

Składniki ultra batonu


  1.  Cup of hazelnuts

  2. Half cup of nuts

  3. 3 cups of oat flakes

  4. 3 bananas

  5. 2 cups of dried dates

  6. Cup of dried cranberries

  7. Cup of honey

  8. Cup of peanut butter

  9. Cocoa and cinnamon 

  10. Cup of water to the final phase

    Very important are honey, peanut butter and water – as we provide it too little – our energy  bars will  be loose and could
    spills onto the long race. .
    With the nuts we will provide a lot of healthy fats, and we’ll be satiated after eating an energy bar, it will give us energy during the long run. In contrast, dates, honey and banana throw in your body very quickly easily assimilable carbs, cranberries add a little sour flavor and cocoa make the energy bar very tasty!



Step 3)  Using a blender we chopped the nuts and mix it with oatmeal (it’s worth to do it reliably , because both components are loose and easily to blend it)


orzechy i owsiankaKrok 4) We add the chopped dates and bananas, then we throw a few tablespoons of cocoa and cinnamon (if you prefer other spices-as much as possible). .

na sucho


Krok 5) We add peanut butter, honey and water

na mokroIt’s very important to everything carefully and thoroughly mix.

This step we must  prepared sheet of baking paper and spread our weight:  :



It’s good to part a mass with a knife into rectangular elements, because after baking it may be more burdensome.
And it’s end of my recipe how to make energy bar. That leaves us only bake and a moment of patience.


The whole mass we  give into oven on 150 C degrees (302 F degrees)  and 30 minutes

After 30 minutes our ultra baton so presents:


po wypieku

Let’s give him a moment to cool and run on ultra workout 🙂




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